About us

The Frigel SL corporation was founded in the city of Vic, in the province of Barcelona on 7 October, 2003 by Doña. Marta Gelis Basagañas, who is the current president of Frigel SL and Don. Alberto Ripoll Gelis, who is the current CEO of Frigel SL. They had a clear goal to create a company that provided services the food industry by providing refrigerated logistics services at controlled temperatures, primarily refrigeration rental for food products.

Between 2004 and 2006 new partners were added that included major companies in food logistics and finance while the original founders mentioned above have retained ownership of the majority of shares in the Frigel, S.L. corporation, The original project has kept growing and developing in parallel to this.


Frigel SL began operations in January of 2006 and it has experienced constant growth since then. Innovating and expanding its facilities, today it has large modern facilities to provide services to major companies in the food industry and expand the base of customers who rely on Frigel every day.


Pol Ind Congost

C. De L’Olic  Parc 1

08540   Centelles - Barcelona

TEL. 93 881 37 86
 / FAX: 93 881 13 18